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A bridge to the future European policy for vocational education and training 2002-10
Modernising vocational education and training - Synthesis report
Publications sur le site du Cedefop
Overview of national qualifications framework developments in Europe 2020
Cedefop's concise guide to national qualifications framework developments in 38 European countries (27 EU Member States as well as Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Iceland, Lie
Financing apprenticeships in the EU
Cedefop’s study Financing apprenticeships in the EU is a first-time effort in systematically collecting and analysing information on financing arrangements for apprenticeship schemes
Career guidance policy and practice in the pandemic
Results of a joint international survey In light of the growing negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on national labour markets and people’s lives and livelihoods, the role of career guidance has become ever more important to (...)
Briefing note - Empowering people to cope with change
In the face of the current health crisis and the far-reaching labour market transformations it entails, the European Union and its Member States are taking action to provide all people in Europe wi
National qualifications frameworks developments in Europe 2019
Qualifications frameworks: transparency and added value for end users This booklet on the latest national qualifications frameworks developments, aims to summarise and illustrate the state of play of the 43 frameworks created to date in the EU, EFTA, candidate and (...)
Strengthening skills anticipation and matching in Bulgaria
Bridging education and the world of work through better coordination and skills intelligence Ensuring that EU countries develop robust skills anticipation to inform responsive VET systems, is a key aim of the skills agenda for (...)
Briefing note - Adult learning and continuing vocational education and training valued by Europeans
Insights from a pan-European opinion survey conducted by Cedefop.
Workplace practices unlocking employee potential
European Company Survey 2019 This report is based on the fourth edition of the European Company Survey (ECS), which was carried out jointly by Eurofound and Cedefop in 2019.
Perceptions on adult learning and continuing vocational education and training in Europe
Second opinion survey – Volume 1: Member States Impressions are influential.
Briefing note - NQF developments 2019
For years, the European qualifications framework (EQF) and national qualifications frameworks (NQFs) across Europe have helped build bridges across different countries and education and training sy
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